Pixels & Robots, How Cool are We?

Why pixels and robots? Why not?

We are designing the future of the internet. Our websites turn science fiction into science fact. We start with the most basic screen element: the pixel, and transform it into something futuristic and functional and wonderful, like a robot.

You want to know who we are and what we do?

We are the Web personified. We eat, sleep, and breathe new technology. And we never stop looking for ways to bring that technology to your everyday web browsing experience.

We support the Pixel Revolution. We will not be bound by the websites of yesterday. It is a new age in web design - the age of pixels and robots - and our websites will attest to that.

The founders of Pixelbot bring you the latest web technologies and hope you will support the revolution by viewing the Web through a forward-thinking, standards-compliant browser (ie. NOT Internet Explorer). It is with this technology, such as HTML5 and CSS3, that we can build artistic landscapes and super-computer-like web-based systems.

Don't let less-informed people convince you a website is a static boxy thing like a highway billboard, collecting dust on some back road in a far-off corner of the internet multiverse. See the light. Go into the light. Experience the World Wide Web in all its grandeur. The technology is here. Use it. Live it. Love it.